Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome to 2009

So it's officially arrived! The New Year. After picking Beck, my sister, up from the airport at 3pm today I took her to our digs/guesthouse, it was Orchard Guesthouse on Koh Sam and was close to all the action for a great night out.

After checking in we had a quick drink, some food from a vendor and then caught a taxi for another meal at Youval's and Sing's house where I had been staying for the last couple days. It was a gorgeous meal and spirits were high. Once 22:00 came we ventured back into the heart of Bangkok for a night we wouldn't remember. It was fantastic and a great atmosphere everywhere.

After several buckets and a relaxing conversation with are Canadian friends, who had also been staying at Overstay (Sing's and Youval's), we returned back to our guesthouse for some much deserved sleep.

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