Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Couch Surfing Experience/ Staying at Overstay

On the Internet their is a website called Couch Surfing. The idea is simple, sign up and then travel going to fellow couch surfers houses and stay in one of their spare rooms or sleep on the couch. What a great idea.
This is where I met Sing (Taiwanese) and Yuval (Israeli), they have a bar on the out skirts of Bangkok. It's called Overstay and it has a relaxed, social downstairs area and then 5 floors above it. It used to be a 'freelancer house' (brothel). What happened was, they brought the lease and are converting it into a arts centre with Music Studio, Cinema, Club, Bar, Restaurant e.t.c e.t.c It's a lovely building with an extraordinary amount of space and potential.
I arrived at Overstay at around 3pm and introduced myself to them, they're lovely people and most accommodating. They had just brought a pool table and were anxiously watching it get set up and put together whilst talking/teaching me about the area. It's across the main river of Bangkok, which in my mind separates the tourists from locals. Khao Sam, Siam Square, hotels and all the tourists are one side and the other is the working mans/Thai Peoples area.

Personal Plug in: I don't know why, because I can't even draw, but though out Thailand my artwork is cropping up and being displayed. If you ever go to Overstay in Juran, across the bridge, you'll see a canvas drawing of mine to your right as you enter the door. As for what it is..... well because I''m not any good, it'll always be a poisonous mushroom and the sky. This one for some reason has monkeys on it as well as people dancing on top! I should stick to my day job.

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