Sunday, December 28, 2008

On The Road to Bangkok

Enough of Pattaya, time for me to hit the road. So at 10:00, I checked out, walked to the Bus Station and started my trip to Bangkok. Arriving at 14:30.
On my previous visits I've stayed in Siam Square in Bangkok. Straight in the centre. That however is not the backpackers area though, so this time, I thought I'd change my mindset. I ended up in Khao Sam a popular stop of point for people coming in and out of the country. It's cheap and has backpacker wrote all over it.
I was exhausted from travelling, it wasn't far I'll admint, but the heat had taken it out of me. So after checking into my new guesthouse I had a lie down reading my book. Awaiting an evening of site seeing and socialising.
Once I'd gone downstairs and out on the street a new world had developed. Vendors had flooded in, people were on the streets and music was heard all around. I met a traveller from Nottingham, UK, and we started talking. He had been travelling for 9 months and was on his way to Australia but had spent a significant amount of time in Khao Sam to 'get in with the locals'. So the hospitality started, Leo after Chang we spoke as a group 4 Thai's, the Brit and myself.
Deciding I best move on and see some more I bumped into a Welsh couple, also on their way to Australia. They befriended me and took me out with them allowing me to beat them at most bar sports (pool e.t.c).

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