Tuesday, December 30, 2008


No entry for today. I've been walking around 'the other side of Bangkok' and just been taking in the atmosphere and preparing myself for a New Years Party of my lifetime.
I've noticed people commenting on the blog and sending me emails about it and my travells and I'd like to say thankyou to you all. It is nice to know such a wide variant of people from all over the world are reading it and encouraging me to keep it going.

Thankyou, hope you had a nice Christmas and am looking forward to the New Year and 2009!


Hugh and Joy said...

Happy New Year!! Hi Charlie, glad to see that all was going well up until just before New Year. I hope that all went well on New Years Eve, wherever in Bangkok you descended for your night's fun!! We both find this blog really interesting as it is short, vivid and easy to read. It is a good record of your travels and shows that you are experiencing many different things in a new culture - good on you. It is freezing here, down to -7c tomorrow night up in the Midlands and it has been down to -5c here. The frost is incredibly heavy and stays on the trees all day like snow. We were going to go to the Icicle Meet but will be flying down here instead (a five hour trip to fly doesn't seem to make much sense). Saturday looks to be great as the wind should drop to make it flyable - I hope to take Joy as she hasn't actually flown down here (someone else was taking a lot of basket time!) and also because we are moving later this month to the Forest of Dean. We still want to keep flying down in Devon and want to keep in touch with our ballooning friends.
Catch up again soon. Best wishes, Hugh and Joy

Avocet said...

Hi Charlie,
Its us, the family of four from Mut Mee. we are in China, and we just heard about the hubaloo on New Years Eve in Bangkok. just making sure you're okay. you probobly are, but either way....
happy new year!!!