Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two Days of Travelling to Um Pang

After Kanchanaburi we needed to get to Um Pang. The most inaccessible place in Thailand. Normally, if you want to go anywhere here, it's a matter of getting on a bus and simple getting of at your chosen destination. Um Pang is different.

The first day we spent travelling to Tat, the closest major town, it took one normal bus and one air con bus to get us there. Today however was going to be harder!
We woke up at 7AM to catch the 8AM bus. It was a mini-van to Sok Met, the closest village to Um Pang. After that we caught a Samglew, two bench transportation bus, to Um Pang. The Samglew took 5hrs and was great fun. Um Pang is in the middle of nowhere and is on the border to Burma. Meaning a high number of police and border control.
Normally a Samglew seats 8 people. We got 20 on ours! My sister, two Thai's and myself were located on the roof, three Thai's standing on the back and the rest were seated. Also on top of that we had two motorbikes on board!
It was great fun however and the scenery here is gorgeous, exceptional and unlike anywhere else in Thailand. Hills as far as the eye can see, all covered with trees. It was a trip you never forget.

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